Jewellery Care

Jewellery Care

Slight imperfections are to be expected in the Appleye designs.

This is what we love about the organic nature and textures of our designs, and adds to the beauty of each individual piece.

It is normal for precious metals jewellery to create its own patina over time or for textures to wear slightly or change over time with wear. The softer the metal the more this happens, creating a unique form over time.

To clean your jewellery, use the polishing pad provided. Or mild detergent and luke warm water and a super soft toothbrush or clean cloth. Make sure you dry thoroughly. 

It is normal for Sterling silver to tarnish/oxidize from the air. Wearing your silver is the best way to reduce this or storing it in the Appleye Signature bag when not in use. To clean use the polishing pad provided with your purchase. Chlorinated pools may speed up this process, but can be easily cleaned. If in  doubt, take off your jewellery to maintain the high shine.


Opal  & Pearl care  

Opals are soft stones and should be worn with care. Please do not wear your opal jewellery while gardening, doing dishes/house cleaning. 

Perfumes and hair spray can erode the naturally luminous coating on freshwater pearls, so best to remove your jewellery when using such products or put them on after applying said products. 



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