Our Story

Naomi is an Artisan, a self taught jeweller, local shop owner, teacher, devoted mother and wife. A lover of the theatre, she can often be found lighting up the stage in some local musical when she is not creating her beautiful jewellery.

She has been a maker her whole life! Naomi discovered her love for metal forming about fifteen years ago while raising her family on the picturesque South coast of New South Wales, Australia. Her love for texture and organic form is what inspires her unique handmade collection.

“Producing unique pieces, handmade in our studio using eco minded fine metals, and sourcing ethically cut gems & stones is a strong foundation of our making procedures ethos.”

Naomi is also a born teacher. Providing a variety of workshops in her studio to share her knowledge and encourage budding or seasoned creatives on the path of learning the age old skills of metal forming and smithing. 

Her bright, encouraging personality, invites people of all skill levels to feel at ease in her small group workshops. Hoping to spark a new love for creating with metals in her participants. 

Naomi is passionate about helping people release their creativity. To encourage the idea that creating everyday in some way is what we are born to do. Naomi believes we can "make" our selves happy through the creative journey. 




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